Proextenders Results

The ProExtender system comes with VigRX PE pills, Semenax volume enhancers and the penis enlargement guide to help you gain not only on your penile length and girth but also increase your overall sexual performance. The results of this penis enlargement system will help you enjoy the best possible healthy sex life. The ProExtender system has natural components that are certified in a cGMP Certified Pharmaceutical environment. VigRx pills for men are made of natural ingredients to treat your sexual dysfunctions. Semenax pills help to increase the volume of ejaculate and quality of sperm.


- A bigger and longer penis size even when you are not in erect;
- Bigger, harder, and longer-lasting erections;
- An increase in sexual performance, stamina, and pleasure;
- More powerful, intense orgasms;
- An improved quality of sperm and bigger volume of ejaculate;
- Stop premature ejaculation, quicker recovery after sex;

ProExtender results tell us that you will bet much better control, knowledge and mastery of your sex life. Each week you will see the change in your penis size and sexual activities. With ProExtender penis devices you will achieve the following benefits:
In week 1 - 4, you will experience some increase in your penis length and girth. This week the noticeable change you will see is the improvement in sexual activities and semen volume increase as well as the enhancements in your erection quality and you will get more powerful, intense orgasms.

In week 5 - 12, you can measure your penis length and girth. During this period, you must adjust the ProExtender device by expanding it to accomodate your new penis length and width. Your penis will expand longer than before even when you are not in erect. With the additional exercises and VigRX pills you will continue get more sexual vigor, with better performance and pleasure.

After week 12, your penis size continues to grow longer and thicker and your erection will look firmer and harder. You will get additional length and width on your penis.

One thing you should remember that is most women are not comfortable with a penis bigger than 9 inches. So, when you reached to the desired size, you can stop using ProExtender penis enlargement device. Most of customers tried this penis tracking device for 6 months or one year. After they reached the desired penises or 9 inches, they stop wearing it, but they only use VigRX pills or Semenax pills to improve on erection quality, volume of ejaculate, quality of sperm, and ejaculation control.
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