Does VigRX Plus Delay Spray Work?

Underperformance is not a crime nor is it an abnormality. There are many reasons why it can happen on a rare occasion. Even if it is a problem that a man faces on a regular basis then it can be easily combated with the help of proper medication. Most men, however, feel shy to admitting that they have problems and this can worsen the situation. Today technology has advanced to a great extent. VigRX Plus Delay Spray is a perfect example of such a spray that allows two partners to have a wonderful and pleasurable sex life.

vigrx plus spray

Where To Buy VigRX Spray?

The easiest way to get your hand on such kind of medication is with the help of the official website which sells this product in bulks for customers to purchase and use. It is always advised to buy these items in a large number. The reason for this is that the more you buy the more will be the savings as the rate of discount will be higher. Another exciting way to make sure that the products you are buying get a great amount of discount is by purchasing the item with other similar items like VigRx Plus.

VigRX Delay Spray Price & Return Policy

Another point of concern for those who are truly interested in this product is to make sure that they are buying something which is worth the price. The VigRX delay spray costs $49.95 for a single month supply and if you choose to buy three months at a time, then you will have to pay $129.95 which saves around 20 dollars. However, a 6 month supply buy at one go ensures a savings of close to 80 dollars.

But what happens if you realise that the product is not suiting you? You can always return the item and get your money back. For those with apprehensions will be pleased to know that the manufacturers are providing a 67-day return policy. This reduces the chances of risk and also proves without a doubt that it will work. No company would place such a strong policy if they did not believe the product could prosper in the markets.

Enhancing sexual performance

Many products have made claims on being an ideal agent of sexual performance but seldom do they live up to the high-end declarations and disappoint the customers. VigRX delay spray is one of those exceptions and works because of the presence of the following:
- Benzocaine
This element is used in the manufacture of the product and is actually an anaesthetic compound. It works on the penis by inhibiting voltage-dependent sodium channels in nerve membranes.
- Lidocaine
Another anaesthetic agent that is used in the composition of such a product is lidocaine. It is a numbing agent and is popularly used in several delaying creams as well as gels. The one problem that is identified is that it is much stronger than the above ingredient and can reach an uncomfortable level.
Due to its proper and well thought of composition and extensive tests this item actually produces results which are both desirable and quick.