Is VigRX Plus overhyped? Does it really work?

Getting a better erection has always been my problem. Thanks to internet for the anonymity it offers. Yes, because I have shared my story on different blogs and websites and introduced to different products to help remedy my situation but to no avail. It never ended there; my penis was also very small. My search for a perfect solution continued until I came across VigRX Plus. But did it really worked?


VigRX Plus after six months

Again, I started with VigRX Plus like any other I have tried in the past. Now I have just finished my sixth month with it and I wish that I should share my experience with anybody that may come across this piece or might have had my similar challenges. I went for the full year supply packed since I was eagerly looking for something that would work without the seller telling me I didn't order the whole package. This was in January, 2014. There has been tremendous results so far I must say compare to others I've used in the past and I wish to share here. I'll continue to keep this page updated as I keep using them. The product contains pure natural ingredients. Again, it comes with a penis exercise program that helps one gains penis length and girth.

Getting start

I got the VigRX Plus pills after placing my order. Shipping was fast. I then started taking them the following day. Two pills per day: one in the morning and one after dinner. I didn't left out the penis exercise either, I started it out same day. It really looked weird when I was starting out the exercise but I got used to it after a few weeks and when beginning to notice everything was working.
The exercise routine has to do with, first warm up. Here, a warm wet towel is wrapped around the penis. The towel has to be hot but not burning hot either. This is to warm blood around the penis. This took like 3 - 5 minutes. Next was penis stretching. The penis stretching exercise is a simple one. Methods and procedures with videos are contained in the package that comes with VigRX Plus pills. Finally is penis jelqing. Jelqing seems to be a bit hard to do but after a few weeks, I was able to do it. It requires applying lubricant. There are many types out there. I personally used Baby Oil which is way cheaper. The keyword here is consistency. I never had to miss a day without doing the exercise and taking the drugs.

And after six months ...

I realized the following improvements:
- A plus 0.8 longer penis.
- A plus 0.6 thicker penis.
- I got no erection problems anymore.
- My erections become stronger and I last longer in bed.
- I also got longer orgasms.
- Enhanced Sexual Response.

My initial measure was 5.8 inches length and girth was 2.11 inches. But today the length is 6.6 inches and thickness 2.7 inches. It was very important that I took the initial measurements (that is length and thickness) before starting to take VigRX Plus pills and doing the penis exercise that comes with it so that I could measure my progress as I continue. This is the main reason I had to write this review anyway because I promised myself that if I'll ever find something that would work for me, then I wouldn't mind writing a review for it and recommending it for others.

Am I happy today?

Yes. I'm and I strongly hope that as I continue, it'll even be better than this.

Do I recommend the VigRX Plus?

Yes, I do recommend them to all men and boys who want penis enlargement or having erection problem. I strongly recommend that you buy the package that contains the penis exercise for a better result.

Get your own supply today!

So do you want to take a step further and order yours? Then follow the following steps.
Step 1: Go to official web shop by clicking here.
Step 2: Click "Order Now" in the right corner.
Step 3: Click on the package you want.
Step 4: Fill the required information.
Step 5: Click "Order Now"

Important note:
It is important to buy from the official web shop because you may run into some online places claiming to sell VigRX Plus pills even cheaper. I can tell you that 99.9% of those pills are counterfeit and they will not work for you and may end up hurting you.


VigRX Plus is shipped worldwide. It has three shipping options:

- International mail: This may take up to two weeks without any tracking code. Cost is $19.99.
- International rush: It takes 3 to 6 days with tracking code. Cost is $29.99.
- International rush with FEDEX: It's the most expensive but fastest. It takes 2 to 5 days. Cost is $42.99.

They are well packaged and shipped in a neutral brown cardboard box. Nobody would see what you buy and not even the mail man.

And you finally ask yourself ...

Do I really need to buy this?
Well, if the below questions are happening to you that you need it.

- Do you have a hard time getting an erection even if you are with a very hot girl? - Do you have a soft erection? - Do you always feel like not having sex? - Do you always find yourself not satisfied after sex? - Do you cum within 3 minutes or less? - Do you see your penis so small?

If you answered "YES" to any or more of the above questions, I can assure you that VigRX Plus can help. I'll encourage you to go for it. Remember, every woman wants to be satisfied on bed. This can cause a problem in your relationship. Avoid such.

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